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'Life is either a daring adventure or nothing' - Helen Keller

For me it has been a daring adventure as an entrepreneur and trainer - the two jobs I embraced as opposed to the corporate career I was studying for. This was probably the best decision I made in my life.

I have had the privilege of working with some great audiences including corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, social workers, and the government. The ones I have enjoyed working with the most have been youth - before they turn into any of the former.

I run away from the term 'expert.' At best, I am an explorer. Our 'explorer' attitude as a dynamic young team took us places - from global trotting to nationwide training, top corporate houses to international human development projects, local corporatisation work to training teachers fostering our future generations.

A decade down the line, I have consolidated my work under authentic leadership, meaningful enterprises, and social technologies. I am an educator and practitioner of the same.

As a trainer, I keep it simple. Simple is different for different audiences. But we have had enough of jargon and plenty of powerpoints. I believe people coming together is the experience in itself. Being led with authenticity, believing in their own potential and learning from the best is what I try bringing together. I believe a conversation lacking emotional engagement is uninspiring and an idea untested during the experience is an idea not remembered the next day.


CEO Jaliawala Pvt Ltd, CEO Torque, Former Director of School of Leadership. On a mission to turn individuals & organizations on! Tweets at @Jaliawala

Within the rigorous training schedule, I have launched many learning products, given life to industry initiatives and been an innovator. I take pride in reaching out to over 60 districts across Pakistan directly through our development portfolio.

And hey, I have had the time to jump off cliffs, go under the oceans, jump off skies and crack a lot of insensitive jokes. People say they married their person of dreams. I married a girl I could not even dream of, even though I dream quite a lot. I divide my time between Islamabad, Karachi and my awesome training destinations.

To life, and to make it worthwhile, a daring adventure!


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Peter Parker
Motivational Speaker

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Luis Fonci
Product Designer

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James Cameron
Scientist - Computer Vision

"Umair is a high powered truly inspirational leader. His humility and curiosity is infectious to others, getting help on different areas of expertise like Driving mindset for Culture of Excellence, Leadership development, Building Career advancement skills & Change management is something which comes from his heart and mind! I have personally learnt a lot from his breakthrough thinking and engaging leadership style in developing sustainable solutions. He is an ambassador of Self-discipline, Diversity & Innovation."

Waqar Ali
General Manager Human Resources at Dalda Foods Limited

Recently I had an opportunity to work with Umair Jaliawala while preparing our in-house training sessions for Retail. The zeal and excitement he has shown during the homework was really commendable and the delivery was a “WOW” experience. Umair belongs to the rare group of training professionals who genuinely believes in adding value in people's lives. Being so "Young" hence youthful thoughts makes him a unique Trainer. He comes across as someone who knows what he is talking about and can adapt his style based on audience involvement and emotional quotient level. Umair ensures that the course remains interactive and participants learn without being taught. Nothing can stop him from achieving whatever he wants in his life, Good Luck for “Turns” ahead. Keep turning.

Muhammad Tahir
Retail Director at Khaadi SMC Pvt. Ltd.

I saw Umair as a Trainer and Motivational speaker many times at different stags..... I perceive he is the one "The Gentlemen" who know how to make people On !!! Every time i enjoy each & every single thought he delivered through his fabulous addressing style to huge audience. He has the ability to make an impact thats last ever. I wish him Good luck for turning people On On & On. He becomes my ideal. A Young hero with intense to create difference in others life. His vision is some thing which is very difficult & seems impossible to achieve, but with his mind blowing efforts he leads to achieve, Inspire & rules over millions of heart. I learn alot from Umair & i am intent to follow him in future as well. Alot of prayers for your success Umair! Keep Growing! Keep Turning People On On & On! Cheers !!!

Sumaira Muhammad
HR Proffesional