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Umair Jaliawala is a decade-strong consultant and trainer on Leadership, Enterprise and Technology (LET) - Authentic Leadership, driven by ideals, not idols; Passionate Enterprises, where teams live their dreams and Social Technologies that enable us to be and do more.

Jaliawala’s horizon of consulting in learning design and delivery ranges from national-level working groups to ethnic to community- based initiatives. His ability to map needs and to conceptualise interventions based on participation, inclusiveness and sustainability makes his work relevant, revered and replicable. His global connection and local action have helped him match up with global consulting groups.

As a trainer, Umair assimilates business, religion, philosophy and psychology. His sessions are a roller- coaster journey of realisations, audio-visual content, exercises and simulations. A usual Jaliawala- experience makes participants reflect, grow, celebrate, cry and connect.

Jaliawala has learnt from, designed for and delivered trainings to multinational and local corporations, international development agencies, public bodies and educational institutions. He has facilitated organisations to bring VMV to life through internal campaigning, roll-outs and road- shows. Several organisations have sought his expertise to design in-house modules and develop internal trainers. Jaliawala has envisioned and scripted customer service and sales standards, and produced e-modules for digital savvy organisations. Also, Umair has to his belt, the experience of designing leadership team retreats and facilitating large groups in conferences.

Previously, he established Torque Corp, led School of Leadership and relaunched SoL Foundation. His team of 65, all under-30, organised in a social enterprise, collectively reported a Million USD on financial scorecard. He actively volunteers for industry initiatives such as Trainers Resource Group (TRG) and The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE).

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CEO Jaliawala Pvt Ltd, CEO Torque, Former Director of School of Leadership. On a mission to turn individuals & organizations on! Tweets at @Jaliawala

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